Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saya mahu cahaya mata / zuriat

~ Vita-Lea  diformlasikan khusu dengan 28 vitamin dan mineral yang diperlukan oleh orang dewasa
~ B-Complex mengandungi kesemua 8 jenis vitamin B yang diperlukan oleh tubuh bagi menggantikan ntrisi vitamin B yang hilang untuk menguatkan jantung , perparu dan orang-organ penting yang lain.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Flush toxins, energize muscles and give your skin a radiant glow!
Staying hydrated, especially during the hot day, is very important to staying healthy. More than half of the human body is comprised of water (60 to 70 percent), and there is no better beverage than water to keep hydrated. Every system in our body depends on water to function properly, and when we get dehydrated our mood, energy, mental focus and overall health is compromised. Water flushes toxins, carries nutrients to our cells, energizes our muscles and gives our skin a radiant glow. While I love water, I can get bored with plain H20 and like to jazz it up. I have been making flavored water for my family for years.
Keep some of these ingredients in your fridge at all times, and you’ll always have refreshing flavors to add to your water.
 A small amount of the following ingredients can transform your water experience into something spa-worthy and delicious!
1)    Fresh Citrus Fruit Juice: Add a bit of Vitamin C, and whole lot of flavor to your next glass of H20. The combination of orange and lime is divine!
2)    Cucumber: Made up of more than 95% water, cucumbers help flush out toxins and add a subtle and refreshing flavor.
3)    Herbs: Soothe your tummy, detoxify naturally, and add breath freshening flavor to water with fresh picked mint, lemongrass and cilantro.
4)    Fresh Ginger: Give your digestion a boost or cure an upset stomach with fresh ginger water.
5)    Rooibos Tea:  Boost your immunity and get the many health benefits of this miraculous tea. Mix Rooibos, a splash of raspberry juice and sparking water and enjoy. It is one of my very favorite beverages!
6)    Coconut Water: High in potassium and electrolytes, coconut water is nature’s ready-made, plucked-from-a-tree, energy drink. Drink it straight or add a splash of juice.

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